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Limited Mobility Lifts

BCA compliant and fully automatic and an option for a lift shaft. Normally used in schools, homes, retirement villages and the like, these smaller dedicated lifts are cost effective and easy to maintain.

Roped hydraulic with electronic valve block.
Gearless traction.

Load Capacity:
TBA. Depending on lift type.

Satin stainless steel with mirror optional. (Inside lift car).
High pressure laminates, timber veneer & colour   backed glass as well as other options.
Satin stainless steel landing doors and jambs.
Powder coated landing doors and jambs.

Power supply:
3 phase , 20 Amp minimum, (Hydraulic)
1 phase, 20 Amp minimum, (Gearless traction)

Each installation has different specifications or dedicated needs, to satisfy. But all can be met with consultation with our experienced sales team.

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