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Lift Modernization

Instead of a new lift, why not upgrade or refurbish.
Benefits include:

►Improved reliabilty
►Increased efficiency.
►Decreased power consumption.
►Reduced running costs.
►Minimise down time.

There are a multitude of options to choose from.
For example:

►New car or car interiors
►Change or overhaul doors and landing jambs
►New car and landing buttons
►Dot matrix and or LCD displays
►VVVF drives with microprocessor control.
►DC converters with microprocessor control.
►New machines.

Differing control methods, car finishes and landing stations on request. All complying with local and national standards.

►Door and car finishes:
►Satin Stainless steel
►Mirrored Stainless steel
►Timber veneer. (Car Finishes)
►Mirror. (Car Finishes)
►Custom built finishes on request
►Powder coated door panels and frames. (Limited colours available)

Each installation has different specifications or dedicated needs, to satisfy. But all can be met with consultation with our experienced sales team.

Contact us for any enquires.
P: 02 9700 1266
F: 02 9700 1277