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Wheelchair Lifts, Vertical Platform

Wheelchair platform lift.

Areas of application:
Indoors and outdoors.

Quad toothed rack and pinion drive.

Operating controls:
Handset on a spiral cable.


Load capacity:
315 kg, further on request.

Power Supply:
240v 10amp charger supply. Operating voltage at 24vdc, (Extra Low Voltage) with automatic battery charging. Power is trickle charged to the accumulator batteries whilst the lift is parked on its landing stations promoting smooth efficient operation.

External Dimensions:
Platform width: 1310 mm. Platform depth: 1250 / 1400 mm, further on request. Access ramp 1:6.

Usable Platform Size:
Width 900 mmdepth 1250 / 1400 mm, further on request.

Paint in RAL colours, stainless steel cladding.

Safety Equipment:
An aluminum shutter prevents access to the space beneath the platform.The platform is secured via safety bars during travel. An aluminum and glass door can be installed at the upper landing if required.

There are some buildings in which it is not possible to install an inclined lift and where a large vertical lift is not necessary since height difference to be negotiated is not great enough to warrant the larger lift. A special form of vertical lift for the disabled can be used in this case: the HIRO 450 wheelchair platform lift.