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The HIRO 350 inclined wheelchair lift is used for straight staircases indoors or outdoors. Its has a maximum standard load capacity of 300 kilograms and its outstanding cost-performance ratio ideally suits itself for use in public and business premises. It combines quality with innovative, modern technology and offers the user optimum mobility and a high level of comfort due to numerous optional fittings.

Wheelchair Lifts, Straight

Inclined wheelchair lift for straight staircases.

Areas of application:
Indoors and outdoors.

Rack and Pinion.

Guide rails:
Aluminum profiles.

Operating controls:
Via a radio remote control unit or a control unit on a convenient spiral cable.

Load capacity:
Up to 300 kg

Power Supply:
240v 10amp charger supply. Operating voltage at 24vdc, (Extra Low Voltage) with automatic battery charging. Trickle charged to the accumulator batteries whilst the lift is parked at landing stations promoting smooth efficient operation.

80 cm wide, 100 cm deep (other sizes available on request),37 cm wide when folded or parked.
Standard ramp - 250mm or up to 300mm.

7 different RAL colours for supports and platform; more colours on request.

Special features:
The platform has extra-long access ramps, up to 30 cm in length.The HIRO 350 can be folded up at the press of a button. In its folded position the horizontal safety bars are neatly folded into the platform making the package unobtrusive to other staircase users. This feature can also be a great benefit especially in an outdoor public environment where the lift could be subjected to possible unwanted vandalism.